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Developing Artists / Vocal Coaching

Thuli Lengwate


Monique – Tweede Kans

Monique – True Colours

Singing Student Divan



For young artists to perform

Contact Pauli for bookings:

+27 83 537 9578 or

Karmen – “Altyd Daar”


Chrizelle – Love will remeber


Monique – RED

Sonja Brand – Think of me


Sonja Brand –  Edge of the Night

Thuli Lengwate – The Greatest Love of all

Thuli Lengwate – I will always Love you

Joshua – Zombie

Thuli Lengwate – He wants it all


Debora – Hoe het ek jou gekry










Deborah Performing

Deborah is one of Pierré & Pauli Production`s young and motivated singing students.

Deborah has been invited to compete in the internasional competition  and talent scout Event; Applause Rising Talent Showcase in Orlando, on 22 June 2014. She will have the opportunity to perform infront of 50 + Talent agents.

Deborah is a very positive and headstrong artist. At her very young age she has developed a very strong certainty as to what message she whats to share through her singing. She is a very dedicated and focused artist and loves to be challanged with new work. On her singing-journey at our production house, she has learned much in knowing her voice`s capabilities. Deborah is a very easy to work with and friendly person. She is dedicated and gives her 200% for her singing future.

Remeber to shine proudly South African when you are in Orlando!

Goodluck Deborah!




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